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What Makes VEGAN Happy Fringed Tote and Cross-body Bags a Timeless Style?

So, you are thinking of making a gorgeous addition to your stylish outfits and fashion. VEGAN Happy Fringed Tote & Cross-body bags can be the best choice, no matter what you are up to. At VEGAN Happy Clothing, we make sure that our every tote bag or cross-body bag design comes with stunning detailing and gorgeous finishing.

But if you are unsure whether our fringed cross-body and tote bags will be a perfect addition while speaking of holding on to a trendy style, we are here to tell you the facts and features about these stylish bags, making them a chic and timeless fashion. Let’s get started!

Tote bags

Well, if you are in search of such bags combining effortless style with practicality, here’s your choice. Our VEGAN Happy Fringed tote bags are highly versatile. So, no wonder you can use it for different purposes. For example:

  • Easy to carry and comes with sufficient storage space to accommodate your daily required items. You can consider this beautiful bag for carrying almost anything, from books to laptops.

  • Durable and stylish

  • Perfect for busy commuters for its lightweight and cosy features

  • Gorgeous and chic to pair with your outfits at any formal event to make a statement

  • Add elegance while carrying it as a simple fashion accessory with your casual wear.

  • Really spacious ( 43 x 31 x 13cm) with inside pockets and a top with a zip

  • Made of 100% cotton to maintain 100% sustainable and vegan choice

Cross-body bags

VEGAN Happy Fringed Tote & Cross-body bags

Speaking of modern design for bags? Cross-body bags won’t disappoint you here. Its shoulder strap design across the body and the bag section remaining by the waist really look stunning!

Although this beautiful piece looks simple, it has become an indispensable item in every wardrobe nowadays. For instance, while going on a coffee date in your casual outfit or on a cocktail eve, pairing our VEGAN Happy Fringed cross-body bags with your easy-going style, like a pair of stilettos or even sneakers, will leave you looking stylish and chic.

Of its amazing features, we have mentioned here a few:

  • Simple and minimalist design and ease of use, making it a timeless accessory

  • Top zip and inside pocket with zip

  • Sufficiently spacious (36x26x12cm)

  • 100% cotton fabric, making it comfortable and lightweight to carry

  • 100% vegan and sustainable

  • Strong shoulder strap

The best part of choosing VEGAN Happy Clothing for the tote or cross-body bags is you can switch to vegan and embrace it without compromising your fashion sense and gorgeous designs.

However, when choosing any vegan tote & cross-body bags, we suggest looking for the following things:

  • Look for the make and material to ensure that the bag is 100% vegan and ethically sourced

  • Apart from chic and minimalist designs, look for the size to make sure its functionality meets your needs.

  • For vegan shoulder bags, like cross-body bags, choose one with adjustable and durable straps

Bottom Line

Regardless of your choice- tote or cross-body bags, you can get both available at VEGAN Happy Clothing. All our bags and even outfits and other accessories are 100% ethical and vegan. And we donate 10% or more profits to animal rescue and try to stand up for a change.

Shop now to embrace cruelty-free fashion today!

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