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About This Passionate Vegan Clothing Brand

We Care

VEGAN Happy Clothing is the perfect destination for stylish and ethical vegan clothing. We offer beautiful, stylish clothes that are 100% vegan and ethically manufactured or sourced.


We donate 10% or more of our profits to animal rescue organisations, and we are proud to be walking vegan evangelists, making a difference in the world!

Our subtle vegan logo can be found on all of our products, so you can show your support for veganism in style. Shop with us today and join us in making a difference.

Ellis with our rescued lambs Love and Star in February 2023 at The Farm Animal Sanctuary, both only 4 days old

We are also proud to share the story of our two rescued lambs, Love & Star, who were rescued from a bin in February 2023.

Mick with Poppy and Marbles the beagles sitting down after a charity walk, vegan dogs

Poppy the Beagle started all of this ❤️

Some of the causes we love to support

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