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VEGAN Happy Striped Tote Bag: A Versatile Go-To to Embrace!

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

The 2023 fashion world is welcoming the comeback of XL bags while embracing the idea of eco-friendly choices for outfits and bags. So, it is no surprise that vegan tote bags have become the most functional trend of 2023 for oversized handbags!

And if you are looking for a fantastic collection, browse our shop at VEGAN Happy Clothing! Our beautiful and oversized VEGAN Happy striped tote bag is a perfect go-to for any event. Our tote bag is 100% vegan and sustainable and made of 100% cotton canvas. Moreover, it is spacious and stylish enough to spark your style wherever you go!

If you wonder whether this tote bag is really versatile enough to match your style or lifestyle, let us clear your doubts!

Versatile Uses of VEGAN Happy Striped Tote Bags and Style Tips

Switching to vegan doesn’t mean you have to let go of your fashion ideas and style. It is just about embracing cruelty-free fashion, where this vegan tote bag is perfect to pair with your vegan sustainable clothing collection! Hence, you can say goodbye to the leather handbags!

But do you think that a vegan tote bag may not be a perfect partner for your daily lifestyle? Then, let us tell you its versatile uses and suggest a few quick styling tips with our VEGAN Happy striped tote bag!

Versatile uses of VEGAN Happy striped tote bag

Since our tote bag is amazingly spacious (46 x 30 x 17cm), it can carry everything you need while stepping out for a day out wherever! And speaking of style, its amazing colour options won’t disappoint you!

No wonder why this vegan bag is so on trend in 2023 fashion! Now, have a look at its versatile uses in your everyday lifestyle:


White going at work, our stylish and durable VEGAN Happy striped tote bag is a perfect companion whether to carry a laptop or go to after-work drinks with colleagues! It is roomy enough to fit all your accessories for all day.


Want an effortless shopping experience? This 100% cotton canvas tote bag is appropriate here. Its inside pockets come with zips. So, whatever you shop for, it is easy to carry in this tote bag safely.

Vacation and travel:

While going on a flight somewhere for a shorter stay or a small vacation, this classic vegan tote bag is apt to carry your personal item while moving in style.

VEGAN Happy Striped Tote Bag

Beach day:

Going out on a beach day with your friends means you have to carry all your seaside essentials, from the outfit to sunscreen to towel and so on. Our cotton tote bag is stylish to carry on a beach day while apt to fit all the necessary items you need to relax there for hours.

How to style VEGAN Happy striped tote bag

Our VEGAN Happy striped tote bag is designed to match effortlessly with any style, whether it be a casual, formal outfit, minimalist, streetwear or something else. For example:

  • Pair the tote bag with a formal outfit- A blouse, smart slacks, a blazer and ballet flats and carry your laptop in style.

  • For a casual look- Perfect with a laidback outfit, jeans and sneakers

  • Minimalist- Carry the tote bag with your minimalist style, like a tank top, high-waist jeans and ankle-length boots.

  • For streetwear dresses, like denim skirts, sneakers and a tee, with a tote bag to have an edgy look while going out with friends or meeting for lunch.

Bottom Line

So, what do you say? Don’t you think our VEGAN Happy striped tote bag is perfectly versatile to carry anywhere? You can pair it with our vegan summer clothing amazingly! We, VEGAN Happy Clothing, are 100% vegan and ethical. We donate 10% and more of our profits to animal rescue!

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