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Vegan All-Weather Robes: Embrace Comfort and Luxury With Kindness

UK winters are the best time to have fun in cold and wet activities, like surfing, camping or wild swimming. So, when planning any of these, you need a plush winter warmer to cover yourself up! 

And, if you are seeking something gentle on your skin as well as on the planet to cosy up, ditch leather and embrace the warmth of vegan dry robes. This all-weather vegan robe is perfect to align with your wardrobe and embrace sustainable fashion

Why Choose Vegan All-Weather Robes?

Wool, fur and leather come from animal agriculture, which can significantly impact the environment. And, when looking to embrace something kinder and gentler alternatives for a plush winter warmer to stay warm and up-to-date with trends, take your step forward with vegan all-weather robes. Most vegan dry robes are made of sustainable materials, like polyamide, polyester or faux leather, making them perfect for wild swimming, surfing, camping and keeping warm. Also, its zipped pockets keep your hands warm and your belongings safe.   

Vegan fashion doesn’t mean compromising your style and sense of fashion. It’s just a powerful way to support your ethics regarding sustainability practices and saving animals and the environment. 

Vegan All-Weather Robe
Vegan dry robe

How to Find the Perfect Vegan All-weather Robe for You

All-weather dry vegan robes are available in a variety of lengths, colours, materials and styles. Yet, finding the perfect fit for your wardrobe and fashion is not easy. However, the following tips may help you here:

1: Materials

When looking for a vegan dry robe as a plush winter warmer to go camping or surfing, it’s always best to choose water-resistant materials, like polyester or polyamide. These materials not only dry quickly but resist moisture and provide warmth on chilly days. Also, these soft and sustainable materials offer a cosiness and breathable experience. 

2: Year-round wearable

Since all-weather robes are made of breathable materials like polyamide or polyester, they are lightweight and provide warmth and comfort all around the year. Whether the temperature drops or increases, you will feel the utmost cosiness while camping, wild swimming or surfing. 

3: Stay in style

A vegan all-weather robe does not have to be just a conventional plush warmer. You can even keep yourself up with the latest style and fashion. For example, you can choose a hooded robe, adding extra warmth and whim, perfect for chilly mornings and nights while camping. Or, if you want a touch of timeless elegance, kimono-style vegan robes are also available online. 

In a Nutshell

When it comes to embracing warmth, comfort and style, while sticking to your ethics of sustainability, vegan all-weather robes are an amazing match for your vegan lifestyle, especially when you love doing wet and cold activities, like going camping or surfing and wild swimming.  

At VEGAN Happy Clothing, we are offering three-piece hooded vegan dry robes of a limited edition made of water-resistant fabric and comfortable sherpa fleece lining. Our robe design is ‘One-size-fits-all and comes with a double-ended full front zip and roomy fit, making it perfect for keeping you warm and changing underneath it. Its inner pockets help the wearers to keep their hands warm on chilly nights in the camp. And, the best part is that our all-weather robe is PETA-approved and 100% vegan.

So, why wait? Shop now!

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