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Welcome New Year Ethically: Style Your Organic Hoodie for the Big Year Ahead

The world is ready to say goodbye to 2023 and embrace the 2024 with new hopes and a fresh start, and so the UK, especially the fashion industry, is cheering for a Vegan New Year this 2024. 

Are you one of those who love leading a vegan lifestyle? If yes, try a vegan organic hoodie by pairing it with your outfit and rock vegan style in 2024! Wonder how? Let us tell you the trendiest hoodie-style ideas!

How to Style Vegan Organic Hoodies for the fresh new year ahead!

If you find yourself digging through your wardrobe looking for the outfit for when you are heading out, but prefer to go with a sustainable fashion, vegan winter hoodies are perfect to rock your look. 

Here, we are sharing ideas to style hoodies with your winter outfits for both men and women. Let’s start:

Vegan Women's Hoodie Styling Ideas

In the UK, the winter fashion for women is beyond WOW! But, embracing vegan fashion does not mean you will not look gorgeous or voguish. Here are some amazing ideas to style your vegan hoodie with your outfit for the New Year even fun:

Cosy and elegant

You can enjoy the comfort of your hoodie and stay warm while embracing a stylish vibe on New Year’s night. Just you have to pair your hoodie with a maxi skirt and white sneakers, and you are all set to rock the year and make an impression wherever you go!


Pair your hoodie with denim jeans and sneakers and add some sparkly accessories to elevate your entire style and look. For example, you can wear a sequined headband, or statement earrings or layer it with a cropped jacket!


Sometimes, it is worth trying some unexpected combinations. For instance, pair your slip skirt and hoodie with your statement heels and carry a clutch to add some glamour to your look.

Vibrant and colourful

Get over your classic black hoodies! Embrace the vibrant colours of vegan women’s hoodies, like royal blue, baby pink, peppermint, fire red, turquoise Surf and so on. Wear silk black pants or a skirt to create a contracting bold look!

Organic Hoodie
Vegan Organic Hoodie

Vegan Men's Hoodie Styling Ideas

Although men do not find much variety in their winter wardrobe for New Year's Eve, we can give some amazing ideas to style men’s vegan hoodies uniquely this year. Such as:


A sleek and sophisticated style always looks classic! Gear up with a head-to-toe tonal outfit and create a timeless look, like pairing dark wash jeans, a black vegan hoodie and black boots!

Classic with a modern twist

Hoodies and jeans have always remained a classic combo. Let’s add a modern spin over it and elevate your style perfect for this New Year’s Eve. For example, try ripped jeans with a fitted hoodie and boots to create an edgy look!

Sporty style

Pair a vegan hoodie with sleek sneakers and a jogger pant and add a vegan beanie and a vegan bomber jacket to look stylish and unique! 

Play with patterns

Patterns are the new trend for men’s fashion in the UK. So, don't be shy! You can pick a hoodie with geometric or funky prints and pair it with dark jeans or chinos of nude shades to create a statement style. 

Note: Remember you choose the right accessories and footwear to elevate your style perfectly and create a bold vibe!

In Conclusion

So, ready to style with a vegan hoodie this New Year? If yes, take a look at our collection of VEGAN Happy Clothing. All our vegan hoodies and other clothing are stylish and 100% organic adhering to sustainable fashion through ethical sourcing while PETA-approved and WRAP certified. Shop now!

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