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Why Is Vegan Fashion Trending?

The global fashion industry is witnessing high demand for veganism. Eco-sensible developmental concepts and practical consumerism are the two major factors driving the rise of veganism in the fashion world. This surge seems determined as vegan fashion provides smart alternatives and enables individuals to make better choices. But is it the only reason vegan fashion is popular? Do brands and retailers don't have any role in keeping the movement sustainable? This post aims to answer all these queries. Continue reading to learn why vegan fashion is trending today!!

Vegan Male Yellow Shirt Full Sleeve UK

Cruelty-Free Vegan Fashion

Dresses made of fur and leather come at the cost of animal lives. We all know leather comes from the skin of cows, pigs, etc. Conversely, fur comes from the skin of lambs, coyotes, foxes, beavers, and rabbits and many more animals sacrificed for ego. Various animals are confined in unacceptable living conditions, used for research and testing, tortured, and slaughtered for leather and fur production.

Thankfully vegan fashion is cruelty-free, as vegan fabrics do not include fabrics extracted from animals. It supports conscious consumption, which is the need of the hour. Major fashion brands and organisations are also supporting veganism. For instance, the British Fashion Council proclaimed in 2018 that London Fashion Week would be fur-free. No wonder why vegan fashion is trending.

Affordable Fashion Wear

Pricing is a critical factor behind any fashion movement. Vegan fashion is no exception. Many people think vegan clothing is more expensive than typical fast-fashion items. But that's not the ultimate truth. If you think about it clearly, you will understand that dresses made of real leather or fur are costlier than sustainable summer dresses made of bamboo. To check the price gap, you can access vegan clothing sites to compare the price of vegan fashion clothing with fast-fashion items. Some vegan fashion items might be expensive, but those are the only exceptions.

Brand Influence and Other Factors

Brands play a significant role in influencing people. Many luxury fashion brands, including Prada, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Versace, etc., decided to go fur-free. Besides clothes, they manufacture shoes, sunglasses, and other fashion accessories without using chemicals and harming the environment. Many famous fashion icons, designers, and enthusiasts, including Stella McCartney, publicly advocate for eco-friendly fashion for all, irrespective of gender and generation. Retailers and distributors have also contributed to maintaining the supply chain of vegan fashion. All these parties' collective efforts help increase and sustain the vegan fashion trend.

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