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Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Sometimes in life you encounter something that is nothing short of incredible, and that is what we have found with This isn't a sales pitch for Crazy Bean (although you really should check them out), it's a sharing of the love we feel from them towards us, a small independent vegan business.

Crazy Bean is an online marketplace, set up by it's founder Krissi Sanft to connect independent vegan businesses with vegan consumers. To promote their vegan businesses, give their creativity a chance to shine on a larger platform, and generally spread the vegan love and message.

Crazy Bean have helped us out enormously over the last few years, and this week we have been preparing all the new uniform for the gorgeous girls and boys who work at their Crazy Bean Cafe

When we started VEGAN Happy Clothing, it was to start spreading the love and golden joy we feel by being vegan, and when we manage to connect with other like-minded souls, it just magnifies that joy tenfold.


If you want to start a vegan business yourself but don't know how, then click the YouTube video below. It's such a helpful video by Krissi that will hopefully give you the courage to go for it.

The more vegan entrepreneurs out there the better! The more vegan labeled items that people are seen wearing and using, the better!

People ask me if I mind all the other t-shirt or clothing brands popping up as they must be stealing our business but I honestly LOVE it! They are being me with different pictures! I love that they were brave enough to go for it and wish them huge success; a 100% vegan world is our goal so the more people helping us get to that the better.

There is enough space for all of us in this vegan marketplace and this incredible world that is becoming more vegan by the day.

So if you do want to start thinking about your own vegan business, you can get your products on Crazy Bean in minutes! You don't need your own website, just click here to start selling

GOOD LUCK and don't forget, we are always here as a friend if you want to chat about your idea. We would love to help you if you need a hand.

Much love,

Lorri & VEGAN Happy xx

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