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Vegan Men's Swim Shorts: A Complete Buying Guide You Need

Picture this: A bright sunny day and weekend- Perfect for a pool or beach! All you want to look handsome while feeling cosy, whether wet or dry, right?

So, looking for the perfect swimwear to swim in style and comfort? Vegan Wombat men's swim shorts will be the best pick for you! You can surf or swim easily while having fun in the water without any discomfort.

Just make sure you go for the perfect fit! Need help? Get it right here!

How to Find a Perfect Fit for Vegan Wombat Men's Swim Shorts

Vegan is the most embraced 2023 fashion trend in the UK! With vegan Wombat swim shorts, you can welcome cruelty-free fashion this summer while looking effortlessly cool at the beach or pool without compromising your style!

But, while buying vegan men’s swim shorts online, it can be a little challenging to find the perfect fit. Following these tips will make it a breeze:


The inseam length is the most important thing you need to consider for swim shorts for men. For example, three to four-inch inseams mean most of your thigh will be exposed, while five to six-inch inseams will show the average and long seven-inch inseams will be closer to your knee.

On the other hand, never choose swim shorts too tight or too loose because overly fitted shorts won’t allow you to move in the water comfortably, while extremely loose ones can slip off your waist. We hope you don’t want that too, right?


Well, swim shorts come in different lengths. Usually, swim shorts should fit between the mid-thing and above the knee, within that three inches. But, depending on your height, the length can vary for the right fit. For instance:

  • If you have a short height, go for three to four-inch inseam shorts to have an appearance of longer legs, complimenting your proportions.

  • If you are a guy with an average height, choose medium-length shorts around the mid-thigh, ranging from five to six-inch inseams.

  • For taller men, long-length inseam shorts, like seven-inch, is a perfect fit. But make sure it doesn’t go past the knee!


The last thing you wish is probably to feel uncomfortable in the water during swimming or any water sport. So, it’s a great idea to choose vegan swim shorts with mesh liners, making them perfectly cosy for the wearer, whether wet or dry. That’s why it has become a common feature in swim shorts across most UK vegan fashion brands.

Colours and patterns

We suggest bold shades and patterns for men’s swim shorts to avoid showing what’s underneath while wet. For example, you can go for the red, blue or green ones with stripes, coral prints or mustard leaves.

And, although yellow is a summer colour, try to avoid it since it becomes dirty more quickly while showing underneath the suit.

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