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Vegan Men’s Chino Shorts: A Trend on the Rise!

Hey, do you tend to think of your wardrobe collection in separate seasons? If yes, summertime will be no different, we guess, right? Summer means short-sleeve t-shirts or polos are the top choices for men. And if you are thinking of the best match here to dress up in a perfect summer style, whether for a casual look or smart, go for Vegan Men's chino shorts! It’s trending this 2023 fashion amazingly.

In fact, not just the chino shorts but the vegan fashion trend is on the rise! Take a look!

The Rise of Vegan Fashion on 2023

In recent years, the fashion industry has embraced the vegan trend. Over the years, people are falling more for cruelty-free fashion and connecting to top vegan brands for the latest wardrobe collection without compromising their sense of style and choices.

Yes, leather and wool outfits are still in the market, and their craze is no less yet. Still, vegan fashion is not behind! More and more people in the UK are conscious of sustainable fashion.

And since people look for light and cosy clothes in summer, what can be a better choice than cotton to get the maximum comfort? So, don’t you think Vegan Men's chino shorts are perfect for your summer wardrobe?

Vegan Men's Chino Shorts

How to Style Vegan Men’s Chino Shorts This Summer

Since these Men's chino shorts are trending, so is their styling. Chino shorts are perfectly stylish, ensuring amazing cosiness and breathability. So, whether you want a casual look for a day out with your friends or a smart one for a beach party, it looks great every time paired with your tees!

Just you have to know which colour to pick and how to style it! Let’s get started:

Best Colours to Choose for Men’s Chino Shorts:

Since it’s summer, bright tees look more classy and attractive. Yet, go for neutral colours for the chino shorts- blue, navy or natural. It’s a perfect match for both casual and formal wardrobes!

Styling Chino Shorts for Men:

To style with chino shorts, you have three options:


To have a casual look, choose a short with wide sides for more breathability. Then, go for a half-sleeve t-shirt for a clear choice, or if you like to look creative, pair a patterned button front over it. For the rest, wear canvas sneakers or boat shoes!


For a smart but casual style, pair your chino shorts with a button-front t-shirt, which you can tuck or keep untucked depending on the event you are attending. Finally, wear it with some loafers!

At work

Do you know you can wear chino shorts in the summer months, even at work? That’s right! Go for wide and neutral shades to look a little formal, and pair them with your sneakers and full-sleeve tees.

Where to Find the Best Collection for Vegan Men’s Chino Shorts

VEGAN Happy Clothing comes with cruelty-free fashion. We have an amazing collection of Vegan Men’s Chino Shorts made of snug fabric for maximum breathability and comfort. All our clothes are 100% vegan and ethical while PETA Approved. And we use 10% or more of our profits for animal rescue funds.

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