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Common Dilemmas You May Face When Embracing Vegan Fashion and the Art of Overcoming Them

The fashion industry is filled with issues like unethical labour practices, copycats and counterfeiting, incompetent supply chain and distribution, and many more. The environmental effects of garment manufacturing, including the case of animal cruelty, is perhaps the biggest challenge we need to address immediately. Shifting towards vegan fashion seems like a sustainable solution to this.

Vegan clothing is the concept of manufacturing and consuming fashion stuff without affecting animals. Transition in our fashion consumption is the need of the hour, but the journey from conventional clothing to cruelty-free fashion may not be a cakewalk. You will encounter a wide range of dilemmas when making the transition. Let’s now address the common ones among them.

uk vegan clothing
uk vegan clothing

Dealing with Existing Non-Vegan Clothing

New vegans suddenly find their wardrobes filled with animal-derived fabrics. They often have nothing to wear as their old dresses don't match their new morals. However, don't chuck your old garments immediately because textile waste is extremely harmful to the environment. Here are a few options you can exercise to deal with the non-vegan clothing you already own.

  • Sell your animal-derived clothing and donate the earnings to any animal shelter or sanctuary.

  • You can also keep the money to yourself and invest it in buying cruelty-free vegan clothing.

  • Individuals can also donate their old clothes to charity or give them to their friends or family.

Keeping your old clothes could also be an option. There's nothing wrong with wearing garments that are in good condition. You can keep wearing them until they wear out and then you can replace them with vegan options. It will not make you any less vegan. Instead, you will be less wasteful, and that's what mother earth desperately needs from us.

Dealing with Gifts or Inheritances That Aren't Vegan

Suppose you are unwrapping your birthday gift that’s inside a lavish-looking box. You find a stylish jumper. You imagine the other outfits you can pair with it. But suddenly, you encounter the familiar itchiness. You take a look at the label and find that the jumper is woollen. The person who gave you the gift is sitting next to you and waiting for your reaction enthusiastically.

Facing such situations is nothing new for vegans. We recommend not taking your frustration out on the giver. You may feel like others are not respectful of your vegan beliefs, but it is essential to understand that people buy things keeping their own criteria and understanding in mind, not others’.

Consider gently explaining to the gift giver that you don't wear animal-derived dresses. Your explanation may plant a seed of veganism in his mind as well. You can give the present to any of your family members or give them to homeless people or charitable organizations.

Dealing with Work Uniforms That Are Made of Non-Vegan Materials

You may have to wear non-vegan dresses for work. Since choosing your uniform material is not in your hand, wearing them is not a mistake on your part. Still, if you feel uncomfortable wearing them, consider discussing it with your employer and see if they can accommodate an alternative. Other vegans from the company may also join your team and advocate for the same.

We hope our effort gave you a good look at vegan fashion dilemmas. Besides, we have also discussed how you can overcome them.

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