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Subtle & Stylish? Or in-Your-Face Murder Messages on your vegan clothing?

Do you like the new video? It was our first time with the video maker software and it was so much fun :)

VEGAN Happy was set up to create stylish and subtle vegan branded clothes that you could wear anywhere, with anything. You could wear our t-shirts with a suit in the boardroom, our dresses on the beach, our denim jackets with anything, our puffa's out in the snow... anything, anywhere!

When I first went vegan I want to find clothes that I could wear that would suit my age and style. I do have some of the graphic T's with the in-your-face slogans (meat eaters = murderers and so on) but I can't really wear them to meetings ha ha, so I needed to find some more subtle clothes and couldn't, so I set about creating my own and VEGAN Happy was born :)

I read that the best way to start the vegan conversation is to wear something with a vegan message. People notice and it sparks conversations. Random people will ask you in supermarkets at the yoghurt aisle why you are choosing Alpro or Coconut Collaborative rather than the usual dairy yoghurts.

People that want to ask but would be scared to do so usually, have an 'in' and take it. It's amazing how many conversations in a day you can have if you wear anything with a vegan message or slogan.

So pop a vegan baseball cap on, or add your t-shirt with the vegan logo, and get out there and start having chats with everyone you come in to contact with.

Remember, take it easy and slow with newbies. Don't remind them they are murderers but encourage them for asking and thinking about making a change. Any small change is good and they will encounter you as a vegan that is compassionate and caring. Give them the links to What The Health, Challenge 22, and so on, but don't go too hard-core or you might turn them off. You have opened the door, let them walk through. And don't forget to give them your Instagram or Facebook details so they can keep in touch for help or advice when they need it.

Going back to the vegan logo'd clothing, I also found this incredible VEGAN patch on Amazon that I have since had so many requests for since, so why not order a couple of these and add them to your existing clothing to make them more vegan...

So get about making yourself more vegan branded. Be the vegan brand ambassador and start engaging more with people out and about. You will be amazed how many people you can connect with.

Why not keep a tally of the conversations you have, like you do after a Cube of Truth? Keep a note of how many conversations, how many people you are helping go vegan, to keep you encouraged and on your path of vegan evangelism.

Much love, Lorri xxx

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