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Is Vegan Fashion Really Great for the Planet? How Does It Help?

Admit that you have all heard of vegan diets since it makes our planet a better one. But speaking of fashion, most don’t like the idea of shopping from vegan fashion brands- WHY SO?

Well, the most common reason is that people don’t want to compromise their fashion sense and style. Now, here lies the misconception! Embracing vegan clothing does not mean you have to let your fashion and usual style go. So, instead of wearing woolen, silk or leather dresses, you can even try vegan outfits. In fact, while looking for summer clothing, go for those made of 100% organic cotton to upkeep your luxury fashion.

In the UK, ethical and sustainability concerns are observed to grow over the years. Still, if you are not finding yourself to be on the same page, this question is probably striking your mind, “Is Cotton Vegan or Is Vegan Fashion Really Better for the Planet?” We are here with the answers. Read them below.

Environmental impact:

If you are one of those who prefer a vegan diet to make the planet a better place, switching to vegan fashion can be another great initiative for you. After all, making animal-based clothing causes greenhouse gas emissions, leading to global warming, water pollution, soil degradation and deforestation for the release of toxic chemicals during the manufacturing process. By embracing veganism, like organic cotton outfits, you can reduce the percentage!

Vegan Summer Clothing

Save animal rights and welfare:

Of course, leather jackets and silk gowns look stunning. But your fashion lifestyle causes an end to animal lives. For fur and leather, many fabric suppliers torture and kill animals.

If you want to support cruelty-free fashion, embracing vegan clothing brands is the way to do so without compromising your style.

Now, if you are looking for some more considerable reasons to switch to vegan fashion brands, here are why you should:

#1: Durable vegan alternatives:

As mentioned earlier, switching to vegan fashion does not mean giving up on your comfort and style. You can have endless options available as a substitute for animal-based clothing materials.

The leading vegan clothing companies come with stylish and trendy outfit designs without compromising aesthetic, look, comfort and feel, like dresses made of 100% organic cotton, poly-cotton, plant-based leather and much more.

#2: Vegan Is Affordable Fashion Wear:

Most people think vegan fashion means costly but that is not true! Real fur or leather is more pricey than clothing made of organic cotton. Plus, 100% organic cotton outfits last longer than non-vegan fashion items. Hence, you can spruce up your wardrobe collection and pair the dresses in any style you want to look trendy and chic without breaking the bank.

#3: Vegan Fashion Keeps Pace With Trends:

Who else doesn’t want to look stunning and stylish? So, while shopping for dresses, you go for the ones, which can keep you up with their trends. Surprisingly, even with vegan clothing, you can do the same. Leading vegan fashion brands in the UK aim these days to design trendy fashion lines. Hence, you can dress stylishly, following a sustainable lifestyle.

Since the summer days have started, you would probably like to look for some trendy summer outfits for your wardrobe. Here is some vegan summer clothing inspirations you can follow:

Bottom Line

So, what do you say? Don’t you think switching to vegan fashion brands is really great for the planet? And if you are looking for fashionable outfits, especially vegan summer clothing, shop from VEGAN Happy Clothing. We source ethically from vegan fabric suppliers and manufacture an endless collection for your wardrobe.

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