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Antibiotic Resistance is killing us all!

I recently saw this on a SURGE email (love that lot so much!) and had to check it out for myself! This is a scary thing that is happening, that non-vegans just don't realise. They are eating 'healthy meat' every day, but it's pumped full of toxins, growth hormones, and of course, antibiotics to ensure that the animals stay healthy for their very short life and look great in the packet in the supermarket. Check the full video from SURGE featuring Earthling Ed here...

Over 4.1M people have already watched that video but please continue to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!

People don't see the puss or infection in the animal as it's been virtually drip-fed with antibiotics it's whole life to ensure the best return on investment for the farmer, with no thought to the long term after effects on the population of consumers. And this applies to organic farmers too; widespread use of antibiotics to treat livestock is commonplace in even the most 'supposedly organic' of farms.

As the World Health Organisation says today, "Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to global health, food security, and development today" we know we have a serious problem on our hands but no one is listening. Check out the full WHO piece here

It's truly shocking how this huge Antibiotic Resistance problem isn't known about and it needs to be shared. Maybe this is the one thing that makes someone turn vegan? We all have our tipping point that got us here, maybe this will be the final switch flicking for some meat or dairy eaters to show them the way.

Ultimately veganism is for the animals, but however anyone arrives at that destination we don't care. Come at it from the health aspect, come at it from the weight loss aspect, come at it from the animal welfare aspect... as long as you get to being 100% animal cruelty free and vegan, that's fine.

Of course, we know when you become vegan it's a whole different ballgame, with EVERYTHING being about animal welfare. There is nothing else. There is no vegan diet. There is just love for animals and caring about their suffering.

Please continue to SHARE the video and message.

Much love,

Lorri & VEGAN Happy xx

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