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A Quick Overview of Vegan Fashion and Its Growth Potential in the UK

Veganism is spreading across the globe - not just as a form of diet but also as a revolution in fashion. Plant-based clothing materials, garments, and accessories have recently gained a lot of popularity in the UK's mainstream apparel industry.

In today's post, we will discuss the concept of vegan fashion and look at its rise and growth potential through statistics. We will also talk about one of the most affordable vegan clothing brands you can choose to fulfil your fashion needs sustainably. So, without wasting time, let's dive in.

Vegan Fashion Overview

Apparels and accessories that are not made of animal-derived fabrics fall under the vegan fashion category. Previously we have seen broad uses of animal-derived materials like silk, animal leather, fur, feathers, wool, pashmina, cashmere, snakeskin, horns, angora, and bones in garment manufacturing. However, these materials are unacceptable in vegan fashion. Vegan garment manufacturers use plant-based fabrics like cotton for their production. They also use synthetic and semi-synthetic materials like polyester or viscose. It provides them with the privilege of calling themselves animal-friendly, cruelty-free, sustainable brands.

Sustainability - The Need of the Hour

Sustainability in all dimensions is necessary for mankind to keep up with long-term needs. Adopting vegan fashion in such a scenario is equivalent to sustainable development. Manufacturers and consumers are switching to plant-derived fabrics and recycled plastics to protect the animal kingdom and mother nature as well.

Vegan Fashion Statistics

Vegan Womens Sports top

The Vegan Society published a report in 2021 named The Rise of Vegan Fashion, where they found that 48% of British consumers want to see more vegan options across all fashion categories. 74% of shoppers said they are ready to spend more on plant-based leathers than traditional leathers.

Vogue, the leading fashion and lifestyle magazine, claimed mushroom leather is a hot commodity in one of their recent articles. Market research company Mintel reported in 2020 that 57% of British shoppers try to make more and more ethical fashion choices. All these researches and data suggest the increasing popularity of vegan fashion, paving the way for its rapid growth and acceptance among the millennials.

Which Brand Provides Good Organic Clothes

VEGAN Happy Clothing is a highly trusted brand in the British fashion market, selling world-class vegan clothes in the UK at an affordable range. We assure 100% customer satisfaction. Our ratings and reviews advocate for the same. We also donate 10% of our profit to vegan evangelism and animal rescue.

From hoodies and sweatshirts to jackets and vegan women's sports tops, we offer a comprehensive product range to fulfil the fashion needs of vegan enthusiasts. We only work with ethical manufacturers for sourcing our products and always seek the best eco-conscious option for fabric derivation. Explore our full spectrum of vegan collections and enjoy shopping from a truly conscious fashion brand.


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