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We received over 600 entries! 

Can you imagine how difficult it is to judge all those amazing entries? 

That is why the amazing judges below got us to this poll stage of the finalists...

  • Juliet Gellatley - Founder & CEO, VIVA! Charity

  • Holly Johnson - Editor, Vegan Food & Living

  • Karin Ridgers - Owner, MAD Promotions (Vegan PR)

  • And our final judge will be the incredible Heather Small no less! 

We didn't just want physical beauty. 

We wanted a mix of all types of beauty which as we know comes in many forms. 

Please don't be upset if you didn't make the Final Cut. Some of the entries we didn't put through literally look like supermodels but we needed a broad reflection of looks to embody our brand.

Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to enter. It reminded us how many fabulous vegans there are out there, fighting for animals against the injustice in our world.

All our love and thanks xxx




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