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Vegan Gemstone Candle (11x8cm)... gemstones to keep after the candle has finished. 


Handcrafted Vegan Gemstone Candles with enchanting Wooden Wicks. Imbued with passion and infused with the essence of aromatic herbs and delicate floral fragments, these candles offer a serene and indulgent experience.


Every candle in our collection proudly showcases a carefully selected gemstone, infusing its unique energy and radiance into the surrounding space. The gemstone subtly awakens as the flame gracefully dances atop the wooden wick, creating an ambience of refined elegance and tranquillity. The natural wooden wick crackles softly as it burns, adding to the soothing atmosphere.


These candles are adorned with meticulously chosen herbs and floral elements. As the flame gracefully navigates through the wax, these botanical treasures release their delightful scents, filling the air with a symphony of fragrances. The harmonious blend of herbs and florals indulges not only your olfactory senses but also enhances the visual beauty of the candle, making it a captivating centrepiece in any setting.


Perfect for creating an enchanting atmosphere, these candles are ideal for homes, spas, boutiques, and any space where beauty and serenity are cherished. 


With a burning time of 34 hours, each candle contains a substantial 265g of wax, ensuring a long-lasting and fulfilling experience.


100% Organic - Handmade with love - Made with sacred herbs in India 


Order your favourite Vegan Gemstone Candles now and transform any space into a haven of tranquillity and beauty.


SIZE: Large candle 11x8cm.


Materials / Ingredients: Gemstones, Florals, Ethical Palm and Paraffin Wax, Fragrances


100% vegan & animal cruelty free.


Don't forget... 10% of profits go back to help fund animal rescue.




We wanted to create beautiful, affordable, stylish and subtle vegan clothing, that you could pair with the rest of your wardrobe. 

Clothing that would spark a conversation but was subtle enough to be worn anywhere. 

VEGAN Happy was born out of not being able to find trendy and timeless clothes that any age could wear... so we set about creating them ourselves. 

We offer a very personal service, we are a small brand, and we LOVE what we do; we hope you do too x



We aren't big enough yet to manufacturer our clothes ourselves, but we do source our clothes ethically and our clothes are all 100% vegan. A lot are PETA Approved, FairWear, or FairTrade.



All our embroidery is animal-thread free and man-made threads are used, as is our printing, which uses vegan friendly inks.

Vegan Gemstone Candle

£17.00 Regular Price
£15.30Sale Price
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    Patchouli and Green Adventurine Gemstone Candle - Good Luck

    Green Tea and Citrine Gemstone Candle - Positivity


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