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With Love From Angel xx

We had such great news this weekend! Please read below from Wendy at Galgos del Sol...

"It’s the news we have all been waiting for - your sponsor dog Tokio left GDS today heading to a foster home in the UK!  Our friends at Greyhounds in Need UK are taking 15 of our dogs into foster care and will find them homes! We can't thank you enough for your support of Tokio - together we have given her a great start at the Sweet Life!"

So thanks to you and your purchases (=donations) Tokio is off the streets of Spain, has been lovingly put back together by GDS, and is now bound for a forever home in the UK and safety. So THANK YOU to you! 

So we get to pick another gorgeous GDS dog to sponsor, and we have chosen Angel. Angel and her pups have only just been rescued. Please read Angel's story below.

The video just made me cry but please do watch; it shows the incredible work GDS do x

This is Angel's Story...


Date of birth: TBD Date of rescue: July 2020 Gender: Female

A family underground, seven pups including one with five legs and a mum that’s been on the streets for years has been one of our most challenging rescues. Watch the video to see what we were up against. The rescue started on a midday Friday and didn’t finish until Sunday one am. Needless to say, the team was exhausted. Not an easy rescue by any means with the heat, location and a very angry mum who we couldn’t get near. She is rumoured to have been on the streets for six years. Now in the GDS kennels, she is still angry. More information to come.

So THANK YOU again for your purchases and help. We can't wait to follow Angel and her adventures at GDS now. At least we now know she is safe, fed, and very much loved xx

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We LOVE you! Stay awesome! xxx

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