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Vegans... The Devolution of Man?

Well, I am still in awe at Earthling Ed and how he stays so calm and considered during such debates... he and other activists are just awesome for facing this idiocy constantly and remaining so calm and resolute in trying to evangelise and further the vegan cause.

It's all about education and evangelism. If someone had taken me aside to 'show me the way' or put Dominion in front of me 30 years ago, I would have gone vegan on the spot.

If I had encountered a Cube of Truth, that would have been the end of my animal consuming days too!

Watch this debate if you haven't already and show your friends too. The Devolution of Man? Oh my!

If you search YouTube, you might find a longer unedited version as apparently the best of Ed's bits were cut out to make it not such a one sided argument.

Love to everyone, stay safe and happy xxx

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