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Vegan Is Love...

Check out just a few of our new VEGAN Is Love range items on the video below. This is how we feel about veganism, pure love, for everything and everyone.

I think there are two sides to the vegan cause... the vegan fight for change and education. The activism and the hard messaging that is needed, and then there is the complete love side, the love for everyone and everything.

When you become a vegan, I think your heart expands hugely. It opens up with empathy for anything living and we hope our Vegan is Love range embodies that.

The range is PETA Approved, Fair Wear, and Fair Trade, and is 100% organic cotton, or in some cases, they also include some recycled polyester.

All are super yummy so please check out the video and let me know what you think.

10% of all profits go back to help the animals always xx

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