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Vegan Handbags: A Combined Lifestyle of Sustainability And Ethical Values

Vegan fashion is the new norm in the fashion industry. As the other sectors are evolving, fashion has never taken a back seat. Before we get into the details let’s start from the basics.

Why are vegan handbags getting so much popularity?

What Is Veganism?

Veganism is actually a way of life that abstains from ingesting animal products and helps them do their best to prevent animal abuse and exploitation. When it comes to vegan handbags like Vegan Boutique Weekender it is needless to say that vegan bags—or wallets do not contain any animal products or cause any suffering to the animals. Vegan Boutique Weekenders are very popular these days among Vegan handbags. These are primarily crafted from natural sources. Here are some of the most important benefits of opting for vegan handbags:


To manufacture leather, skins of various animals such as goats, sheep, youngsters, pigs, calves, cattle, horses, etc., are widely used. The skin that is hugely consumed in the fashion industry is obtained through the intense pain and suffering of the animals. In fur farms animals are brutally used to harvest their fur. Shouldn't we as human beings prevent that cruelty by selecting more morally sound fashion options? It is totally possible to prevent animal cruelty while following a trendy lifestyle.


Veganism is not only concerned with the ethical treatment of animals this is also fair with environmental protection. The making of a vegan handbag is less resource-intensive and the process produces much less air pollution compared to a leather tannery. While tanneries are based on the disposal of carcasses and other wastes produced by animals to obtain leather, vegan products do not have this concern.

Less expensive

Leather bags are too costly. They may cost you a big hole in your pocket, but vegan bags are available at an affordable price. Vegan is lighter on the pocket and you get a similar quality. Animal-based leather is always expensive due to the expenses of the making process. With vegan products, you won't have to worry about that.

Among all the vegan handbags available in the market a Vegan Boutique Weekender is people's favourite and a trendy option. The bag has space bigger than a backpack but smaller than a suitcase. A Weekender bag offers you extra rooms and is oversized. This is an ideal grab-and-go size for a weekend away. Whether you are heading home or just off on a quick getaway this season, a stylish vegan Weekender is the best option to get wherever you’re going in style. Moreover, not only for travel a Weekender bag can also be taken to the gym, to yoga studios, or on family outings – it has that versatility!

Vegan: The New Green

Choosing vegan fashion means practising and showing awareness for animal welfare and environmental reasons—and, especially for leather, often for other social sustainability reasons too—and there are innumerable ways to ensure your wardrobe benefits both animals and the planet.

There are multiple vegan accessory options launched by some well-known fashion brands across the world. They offer eco-friendly, chemical-free, and cruelty-free options. All these products contain the best vegan materials. The popularity and need for veganism are on a constant growth. Many people are switching to more conscious lifestyle changes. Veganism is more than just ‘Being Hippy’. Switching to veganism means a more conscious lifestyle change to avoid any damage to Mother Earth and its children (creatures).

Final Thoughts:

Conclusively, the fashion industry is witnessing a huge change: the need and demand for vegan clothing and accessories. VEGAN Happy Clothing is a renowned vegan brand that offers premium quality vegan clothing and accessories. We offer highly sustainable fashion options. Our 100% Vegan and animal cruelty-free products will spark the conversation anywhere any time. We use only animal-thread-free embroidery and man-made threads. For printing, we use vegan-friendly inks. Explore our large range of vegan handbags and place your order now!

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