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Vegan Document Pouches: Eco-friendly Fashion on the Rise

Tell us what’s the first word to come to your mind while thinking of the word ‘Vegan?’ We guess you will look into your wardrobe first to see what there’s in. And, if you are looking to embrace the compassionate way of living just like people are doing across the world, veganism is the way to go.

Veganism is a lifestyle encompassing aspects of life. No wonder it’s going beyond food and slowly entering the fashion industry. And, speaking of the latest vegan fashion trend, vegan document pouches are on the rise! It’s a perfect partner while traveling, going to a meeting or even interviews, to carry all your vital documents.

What Makes Vegan Document Pouches on the Rise of Eco-Friendly Fashion?

Recent research shows that the UK fashion industry is aiming to include sustainability and ethical sources in the production, which is undoubtedly a challenge. After all, the goal of veganism is no animal will be exploited, which sounds relevant to the fashion industry. And, UK vegan fashion brands are looking to make kinder choices for animals so they no longer suffer, which usually happens in the production of leather clothing, bags, accessory cases or document pouches.

Now, when switching to vegan clothing for sustainability and eco-friendly fashion alternatives to ensure animal welfare, we suggest going the same way for fashion accessories, such as document pouches. It’s the easiest way to store and carry your vital papers while travelling or going to a conference or interview. You don’t have to dig through your handbags or backpacks to bring them out and provide them wherever or wherever it’s needed.

And, carrying a vegan document pouch to business meetings or interviews will actually elevate your personality and style. Do you know why? Let us tell you.

Stylish and elegant

Most UK vegan fashion brands are introducing vegan document pouches these days to ease storing and carrying important documents for those who maintain and live a vegan lifestyle. The best part of a vegan document pouch is it comes in a wide array of styles and shades, especially neutral ones, like soft grey, oyster and black. It means a perfect match for your wardrobe collection wherever you go, regardless of colours and outfits. You can pair it with your casual outfit during a trip and even with a formal one when going on a business trip, conference or meeting and look fashionable.

Keep your documents organised

Whether it’s personal or business documents, all these take up an amount of space in your wardrobe- Isn't it? Want to save some space? A vegan document pouch is worth buying here! You can keep all your vital official papers and records organised and save room in your closet while cutting the chances of misplacing them. Moreover, they will be easy to carry whenever needed.

Environmental and ethical benefits

Are you one of those concerned about animal welfare and maintaining sustainability to reduce environmental impacts? If yes, vegan document pouches are a perfect choice for a fashion accessory to cut the environmental effects of leather or recycled plastics and reduce the use of animals for resources. Such vegan fashion accessories like document pouches are cruelty-free, meaning no harm to animals. Yet, it’s a great fashion alternative for those who choose to live a vegan lifestyle.

Anyway, vegan fashion accessories are not limited to document pouches but other items as well to make your lifestyle easy, including:

  • Vegan accessory case for women- To carry makeup and cosmetics during travel and available in a great range of colours

  • Vegan vanity case for women- To store and organise your beauty essentials in style

  • Vegan toiletry Case- A popular choice for weddings and bridesmaids to carry essentials

Where to Get Vegan Document Pouches

For vegan fashion accessories, look no further than the collection of VEGAN Happy Clothing! From our Boutique collection, you will definitely love our vegan document pouches made of fine and soft grain Saffiano fabric and high-shine hardware, adding a perfect finish to elevate your personality and style. Its compact design makes it easy to store documents and carry while looking elegant when paired with any outfit.

Also, you can choose vegan vanity, accessory and toiletry cases from our Boutique collection to embrace the ultimate vegan fashion. All our products are stylish, affordable and 100% cruelty-free and ethically sourced while PETA and FairTrade approved.

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