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Vegan All-Weather Robe & Camping Coat for Kids: Adventure Awaits

Are you a parent? If yes, we guess you will agree that every child is a messy explorer. Yet, it feels like no less than a battle to keep them warm and dry in the changing UK climate. What if you get a helping hand to take care of this chore? Here it is. Vegan All-Weather Robe & Camping Coat for Kids are the perfect way to ensure your little ones stay dry and warm, regardless of the adventure they are on, from camping trips to wild swimming. 

Wonder why this all-weather robe is best for your little adventurer? Learn more here.

Reasons Why Vegan All-Weather Robe & Camping Coats Are Best for Your Little Ones

When you want your little adventurer to have fun without falling sick due to the rapidly changing weather in the UK, Vegan All-Weather Robe & Camping Coat can be the perfect best friend for your kid. It is not just a way to redefine their outdoor experience but to offer a new dimension of warmth, style, and comfort. A lot of reasons are out there that set this all-weather robe apart from the rest. Such as:

Vegan All-Weather Robe & Camping Coat - Kids

Unmatched warmth

After a challenging outdoor adventure or a refreshing swim, you can make your child slip into this robe and camping coat to ensure unparalleled warmth and comfort. Its fleece lining will wrap them in warmth, while multiple pockets will keep their hands warm on the trails or in the water on chilly days. Also, it offers a quick recovery of the core temperature. Hence, your little ones can be adventurous all year round and enjoy the outdoors without shivering. 

Ultimate water-resistance 

A Vegan All-Weather Robe & Camping Coat is made of 100% nylon outside, making it ultimately water-resistant. So, whether your little adventurer can hit the wave or enjoy a wild swim in open waters, it will help them stay dry and warm. After swimming, they can even get changed underneath the robe, while this camping coat can be the perfect shield against cold, rain and wind, ensuring that they stay safe in all weather.  


On one hand, this all-weather robe is ideal for wearing during wild swimming in open waters; it’s amazing even when used as a camping coat. This Vegan All-Weather Robe & Camping Coat comes in a cosy Sherpa fleece-lining three-piece hood and multiple zipped pockets that allow your little ones to stay cosy and keep their hands warm. Hence, they can enjoy the beauty of the mountains and have fun on camping trips without feeling shivered. 

In Conclusion

VEGAN Happy Clothing has the ultimate collection for kids. For your little adventurer, we offer the highest quality ‘Vegan All-Weather Robe & Camping Coat - Kids’ for ages 5 to 8 years and 9 to 13 years. Our product is made of a water-resistant fabric with a cosy Sherpa fleece lining and a three-piece hood. It has a double-ended full-front zip, ensuring a roomy fit, that keeps the little ones warm and cosy. In fact, your kids can easily get changed even underneath this robe after a wild swim. Its multiple zipped pockets keep their little play items safe. All the embroidery we use is animal-thread-free, and we maintain ethical resources to produce it. And, the best part of our all-weather robe is its affordable price, starting just at £64.50, which is £100 less than other vegan clothing brands. We offer the best price without compromising quality, keeping us ahead of the game. 

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