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As humans, we live in a world filled with comparisons and hate towards imperfections. We are hard on ourselves for not having the perfect model body, or a job that is seen as a 'good' career.

We need to detox and take a break from the toxicity of the world. So here is information I have gathered from a amazing lady named Malama Life on YouTube. I have linked her video below, she has beautiful words of wisdom.

Please enjoy and take notes of my interpreted version of The Guide To Self Love...

Be Gentle To Yourself

Instead of blaming ourselves for the mistakes we made, start looking at them as opportunities to grow and build character. Rather than allowing yourself to be accountable for not knowing better at that time.

Be sure to take responsibility for your own actions but never blame yourself for your lack of knowledge or experience.

'You may not control all the events that happen to you but you can decide not to be reduced by them' - Maya Angelou

Ask yourself:

'Did I try my very best at that time, given the circumstances?'

If you feel you did, forgive yourself and learn to let go.

Gain and Evolve Emotional Intelligence

Vulnerability is neither winning or losing. It is having the great strength and courage to show up or be seen when we have no control of the outcome. Vulnerability is the greatest measure of courage.

Understanding the importance of emotional intelligence can start with the simplest of things. Sitting down at the dinner table with family and friends. Openly speak about how one another's conflicts and struggles currently happening in life.

You could also:

- Write down thoughts & feelings

- Read and learn about current struggles

- Listen to your favourite songs

- Ask yourself, 'How am I doing?'

Generate and Converse Boundaries

'When you say no to someone and they get upset with you, it doesn't mean you should have said yes'

Although 'No' can be something a lot of us feel uncomfortable to say, you should always remember saying 'No' to them is saying 'Yes' to you.

Allowing people such as your partner, boss, friends etc... to infiltrate your space and time can feel like you have no control which brings unhappiness on.

Find the right way to kindly decline and put yourself first.

Generating boundaries is a beautiful way of valuing your time, respecting your emotional capacity and honouring the inner you.

Such as saying 'No', turning off your phone on the weekends or a self pamper.

Whatever it may be, always have time for you.

Ask yourself:

'What boundaries do I need to set for myself?' 'How do my boundaries align with me?'

Embrace You Uniqueness

About me:

'I am half Portuguese and half English. I have my dads gorilla hair and my mums kind personality. I have my grandmas funniness and my grandads short fuse.

I have growth stretch marks, scars dotted around my body and a bit of a tummy.

I can be super clumsy, dipsy and sometimes a little lazy.

But I am also really well organised, driven, creative and head strong. I am a loyal and a good friend to the people closest to me. I am generous, compassionate and forgiving'

Embracing who you are is a crucial part of learning to love yourself. Without understanding, we will never be able to appreciate ourselves to the fullest.

'Everyone's path is different. We dress for ourselves, speak for ourselves, live on our own terms. And most importantly, our action are in line with what we value. So instead of conforming to societal standards, I dare you to be different' - Malama Life

Who You Are Is Enough

We are all living in a toxic and deflating world where we are constantly told we aren't good enough, pretty enough, strong enough, worthy. This pressure of improving ourselves 24/7 is incredibly exhausting.

Instead of operating through life based on what we don't have, focus on what you do have.

- Start your day or finish the day by writing 5 things you are grateful for.

- Start meditating and find inner peace.

- Surround yourself with happiness and people that are on the same journey.

- Do things that make you happy (i.e - reading, music, friends, days out...)

No matter what society tells us, we are all worthy.

Whether you live in a 1 bedroom flat or a 30 bedroom mansion. Whether you're a sales assistant at Primark or the owner of Gucci. None of this matters! You are worthy, you are beautiful, you are incredible! YOU are ENOUGH!

Be kind to yourself, learn grow and evolve into the best version of you.

With much love, peace and happiness,

Emily xox

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