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Let’s Welcome Winter Outdoor Fun with Vegan Beanies: How to Style

Hey, have you noticed the leaves have already started to turn? So, why not your wardrobe? It’s time to embrace your winter outfits. And, if you are looking to spruce it up a little while making a sustainable choice, Vegan SnowStar Patch Beanies are the perfect addition to your winter closet!

Not sure whether vegan beanies are a great choice or how to wear them in style? Let us tell you.

Are Vegan SnowStar Patch Beanies a Great Choice to Pair with Winter Wears?

Like many, do you think that embracing veganism means compromising your style? If yes, you need to take a look at the stylish vegan beanies of top vegan fashion brands like ours! At VEGAN Happy Clothing, we have a collection of the cosiest and most colourful beanies made of soft-touch acrylic with the VEGAN Happy logo at the front. And, you will surely fall for its unique two-tone pom pom attached at the top, creating an overall cute and chic look!

So, no matter what kind of winter outfits you have in your wardrobe, it’s perfect to pair with almost anything anywhere! It means you can style and embrace sustainable and cruelty-free fashion together- A small step towards animal welfare! Just you need to know how to style.

How to Pair Vegan SnowStar Patch Beanies with The Rest of Your Winter Wardrobe

Beanies don’t just keep your head warm but help you hide your bad hair days during winter, which is quite common almost for all! So, while planning for a winter outdoor adventure or wondering how to cover your bad hair, pair our Vegan SnowStar Patch Beanies with your outfits. Here’s how to style it:


Do you love neutral shades to give yourself a monochromatic look? Then, pick some grey outfits from your wardrobe, like a grey slouchy sweater and polished grey jeans, and pair them with a heather grey or graphite grey cosy beanie! Love this cool-girl look?

Winter layers

Is it freezing cold outside, but you still need to go out to have some fun and adventure with your friends? Well, we can tell you how to look stylish while staying warm! Start with digging into your winter wardrobe, and bring out outfits of dark neutral tones and pair those with a French navy coloured beanie. For example, layer any dress with a sleek jacket, scarf, sneakers and our cute two-tone pom pom attached beanie!

Hype look

This one is the coolest look during winter months. You stay warm while looking stunning and chic! Just wear any cute white top, and pair it with blue denim jeans and black boots with a black Vegan Women's Tarah Jacket layering over it. And, finally, add a black VEGAN Happy beanie to complete your hype look!


Want to bring some matrix vibe to your style this winter? Try a fall af turtleneck and layer it with a floor-length trench- A perfect outfit choice to look chic and stay warm even on freezing cold days! To give your look a final touch, top it off with a bright vegan beanie to add some pop of colour to your winter outfit.

At VEGAN Happy Clothing, we have a wide variety of colours available for Vegan SnowStar Patch Beanies, from black to grey to classic red, French navy, burgundy, royal blue and much more. And, all our beanies are 100% vegan and PETA-approved, while stylish enough to pair with your rest of the winter wardrobe. In fact, the embroidery we use is animal-thread free, and the printing inks are vegan-friendly.

So, are you ready to switch to vegan fashion this winter? Browse our winter collection then and shop now!

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