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First blog from us here at VEGAN Happy, so here goes to us writing intelligent and witty content that engages and excites! All help and comments gratefully received xx

We will be writing from OUR heart about how WE feel about veganism and the way it's changing the world, quickly or slowly depending on what your view is, but it's definitely changing. What more can we do as individuals to change the world?

Part of being a vegan is that your eyes become much more open to everything; the joys of being vegan, but the pain at witnessing all the suffering. How we try and convey our feelings to our family and friends, they don't seem to listen and you don't understand why they aren't getting it. The pain of sitting with your child when they eat meat and you know it's destroying them but they are adults and need to make their own decisions. It's full of joy and pain being a vegan isn't it?

I actually sat with someone at a vegan cafe yesterday and they said they actually "enjoyed the animal suffering video's" and I swear I ran out of the place as quickly as I could! And they were in a vegan cafe eating a vegan cheeseburger? The world is a confusing place!

But my feeling is that we all need to so SOMETHING! It doesn't matter what you choose to do to help... dropping leaflets for a local vegan event, sharing your views with family and friends, wearing vegan branded clothing to help spread the word (not just ours of course, there are so many gorgeous vegan brands out there, make sure you check them all out), just start being more vocal and involved. You will find new friends that share the same views that will welcome you with open arms when they see you.

Enjoy your day, I am sure it will be a fabulous one. Much love,

Lorri xx

Lorri Delahunty, VEGAN Happy Clothing, Owner
Lorri from VEGAN Happy Clothing

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