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Best Vegan Summer Clothing Collection in 2023 for Men and Women

Looking for stylish and comfortable vegan summer clothing? We are here with an amazing collection in 2023.

Of course, embracing vegan-friendly dresses doesn’t mean you have to compromise your style and look. VEGAN Happy Clothing is a cruelty-free and sustainable brand offering endless options for your summer outfits. We have observed that many people these days in the UK are adapting to a vegan diet and even clothing.

So, if you are interested, we are here with our amazing summer clothing collection trending this year for both men and women. Let’s get started:

#1: Unisex 'Worn With Love' T-Shirt-

Postage stamps have become an incredible trend now in the UK. And keeping vegan in mind, we have designed this postage stamp ‘Worn With Love’ t-shirt, which is perfect to wear for both men and women. Plus, this tee is made of 100% organic cotton, making this cosy and comfy.

vegan summer clothing

#2: Women’s 'Happy Club' Fitted T-Shirt-

Hey lady, stressed with balancing daily life and work? We are welcoming you here to bring your state of mind to a happy ambience with our 'Happy Club' t-shirt. This unique organic cotton tee is amazingly soft to the touch and comfy to wear on summer days but perfectly gorgeous to add to your wardrobe with its multiple colour options.

#3: Men's Polo Shirt-

We are the best vegan fashion brand offering Polo shirts for men. Considering the idea of vegan summer clothing, we have designed this classic fit for British men’s wardrobes. You can pair it with anything in bottoms for any event. Our Polo shirt is made of comfy cotton, but with a tight piqué so you can enjoy a great fit!

#4: Unisex Prepster Long Sleeve Polo-

Being one of the leading vegan clothing brands in the UK, we keep your comfort in mind while designing summer outfits. You will definitely fall for this Unisex Prepster Long Sleeve Polo for a stylish and aesthetic look. This outfit is made of 100% organic cotton, perfect for your summer wardrobe collection. Its flat knit collar, set-in sleeves and double-needle stitching will transform your style beyond you can imagine.

#5: Vegan Hoodie Dress-

For the ultimate summer look and style, this hoodie dress is apt to incorporate into your closet. Like other vegan summer clothing, it’s also 100% WRAP certified, animal cruelty-free and vegan. Women can pair it with jeans and leggings and relax in style. Its cotton fabric ensures perfect cosiness on summer days while set-in sleeves maintain your sense of style.

#6: Women's Paiger Polo Dress-

This one is a must-have summer outfit for your weekend closet. Our Paiger Polo dress allows a perfect fit for women regardless of size. And since it’s made of cotton, you can feel cool and comfortable all day with its elegant fit. For colour inspiration, click here-

Bottom Line

So, which one do you prefer for your vegan summer clothing collection? Let us know. At VEGAN Happy Clothing, all our outfits are ethical and 100% vegan. To browse more vegan clothes, visit our shop now!


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