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Beagles Rescued!

Check this link to see the latest update on the Beagles Rescued from testing

Though your efforts and petitions, you made this huge change happen and these gorgeous dogs will now be finding forever homes on comfy sofa's and squishy dog beds, rather than stuck in white labs experiencing pain.

The power of the people has shown itself again. Always remember to sign that next petition, to have your say on the next animal vote, you never know how much change it will being, as in this case. THIS IS AMAZING! All the Beagles are free, THANK YOU XX

As you may see from our website, our Beagles inspired us to become vegans. Our eldest Poppy had an accident and we found ourself at the vets at 1am in the morning to have her looked after. Thankfully she is absolutely fine but it was like a lightbulb went on and made me question why I was treating her differently to other animals. I was completely vegan immediately I made that connection.

A small bit of LOVE can go a long way. Much love and thanks to you all. Lorri xx

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