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As Featured in Vegan Life!

Super chuffed to be featured in VEGAN LIFE magazine, a whole page, WOW!

Please see below the 'What I Eat In A Week' feature that is just running in this months issue.

I don't know about you guys and gorgeous girls, but the one thing I really struggle with is making myself eat enough and at the right time. I get so busy that I forget to eat so this was a really interesting thing to have to catalogue, and it made me realise how important it is to feed your body the fuel it needs to survive an onslaught of anything!

I don't really eat a lot of rubbish but cataloguing what I eat really made me think about what vegan snacks I can eat that are easy to grab and good for me.

I am approaching 56 super fast and feel happier and definitely healthier than I have ever felt, that is ALL down to going vegan.

Hope you enjoy the read!

Much love, Lorri xx

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