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As Featured In Simply Vegan!

We are so chuffed to be featured in Issue 14 of Simply Vegan which is out imminently, either digital copy to your Inbox, or from a newsstand. Simply Vegan is an awesome vegan magazine full of amazing recipes, vegan news, and of course the latest vegan clothes and goodies that are hitting our shops.

Veganism, and the choice that is on offer for us, is expanding hugely by the day.

Here at VEGAN Happy, we thank everyone for their support and love, and in turn, send that back to all the new start-brands and entrepreneurs that are out there. If you have a vegan idea you want to do, a product you want to bring to market, to help more with the animals... just get on and DO IT!

Veganism is a tidal wave of love and power that is sweeping the world and I am so happy to be part of that wave.

Much love to you,

Lorri xxx

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