Vegan NuHide Garment Weekender Bag in 2 colours with subtle and stylish VEGAN Happy logo to the front panel, perfect to start the conversation wherever you go. 

CHECK OUT PIC 3 where you can see how it rolls out to reveal your whole weekend wear. 


The perfect garment prep for business and overnight stays , the NuHide® Garment weekender keeps things fashionably organised. This premium leather-look bag can be fully unzipped and laid flat, making it a superior choice for crease-free garment storage on the move.

100% Animal Cruelty Free. 


Fabric: Full grain NuHide® PU

Weight: 1345g

Bag Capacity: 37 Litres

Dimensions: 31 x 54 x 26cm


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Don't forget... 10% or more of profits go back to help fund animal rescue.




We wanted to create beautiful, affordable, stylish and subtle vegan clothing, that you could pair with the rest of your wardrobe. 

Clothing that would spark a conversation but was subtle enough to be worn anywhere. 

VEGAN Happy was born out of not being able to find trendy and timeless clothes that any age could wear... so we set about creating them ourselves. 

We offer a very personal service, we are a small brand, and we LOVE what we do; we hope you do too x



We aren't big enough yet to manufacturer our clothes ourselves, but we do source our clothes ethically and our clothes are all 100% vegan. A lot are PETA Approved, FairWear, or FairTrade.



All our embroidery is animal-thread free and man-made threads are used, as is our printing, which uses vegan friendly inks.

Vegan NuHide Garment Weekender Bag

  • Please note that product sizing is as below...

    ONE SIZE = 

    Bag Capacity: 37 Litres

    Dimensions: 31 x 54 x 26cm