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Warm Yourself up with Vegan Winter Clothes

Winter is knocking at the door in the UK. It’s time to embrace warm clothing. But, before going shopping for your winter wardrobe, wait and think for once- Don't your choices affect the environment? It does, actually! That’s why the UK fashion industry is now making more sustainable and ethical choices to reduce pollution.

So, why not embrace vegan outfits this winter to warm yourself up? Not sure if it’s a great choice to make? Let us tell you!

How to Stay Warm This Winter with Vegan Winter Clothes

As chilly weather has already started to set in the UK, it’s time to upgrade your winter wardrobe. And, this winter, you should take the initiative to help the planet by embracing sustainable winter fashion

Do you think making vegan choices means sacrificing your style? Not at all! Even wearing vegan winter clothing, you will look stunning and feel cosy like never before! Of course, a question may pop up into your mind, “What Is Wrong with Wool?” or “Why Do Vegans Not Wear Wool?” 

Well, wool is mainly an animal product collected through shearing sheep, which causes them unnecessary discomfort and stress. Also, some wool production techniques that follow practices like mulesing to stop flystrike are painful for sheep. That’s why vegans find it objectionable and avoid wearing woollen outfits. Instead, they choose winter clothes made of sustainable materials kinder to the planet, including recycled polyester, bamboo, recycled cotton and soybean fibre. Compared to traditional materials, these generate less waste using fewer resources, which means eco-friendly fashion choices. 

Now, if you wonder how to doll yourself up with vegan winter clothes, here’s where we come in. Let’s get started.

Vegan Winter Clothing
Vegan Winter Clothing

Layering with sustainable long-sleeve tee

Layering is imperative in winter not just to feel warm, but to look great. Moreover, doing so will help your winter jackets to last long. For base layers, choose something made of breathable and moisture-wicking sustainable materials, for instance, the Vegan Unisex 'Worn With Love' Dry Feel Long Sleeve Tee made of 100% organic cotton. For middle layers, you can consider a Vegan Bounder Unisex Bomber Sweatshirt to stay warm in the chilled weather outside. These two are perfect for layering together to look elegant and voguish. 

Click here to browse the collection of Vegan Unisex 'Worn With Love' Dry Feel Long Sleeve Tee and Vegan Bounder Unisex Bomber Sweatshirt.

Sustainable winter clothing for outwear

Vegan winter outwear has become highly popular in recent years as it keeps you warm, makes you stand out in a crowd, and is a conscious vegan winter outfit choice. After all, most vegan outerwear is made of sustainable materials, such as organic cotton and recycled polyester, that are comfortable, trendy and environment friendly. 

You will get an array of options here, including:

  • Vegan Men's Core Waterproof Winter Parka

  • Core Channel Jackets for men and women

  • Vegan Core TX Performance Hooded Softshell Jacket 

  • Vegan Obsidian Padded Jacket

  • Vegan Women's TriDri Padded Jacket

  • Vegan All-Weather Robe & Camping Coat (also available for kids)

  • Vegan Unisex Classic Bomber Jacket

  • Vegan Unisex Zipped Heavy Hoodie

  • Vegan Women's TriDri® Cropped Oversize Hoodie and much more

Ethical Choice for Beanie

It is an increasingly popular and on-trend style inspired by the Scandi streetwear trend in the UK for chilly winter months. The heavy knit and muted colour palette of vegan cuff beanies go perfectly with the rest of your winter wardrobe while keeping you warm and looking classy. Most vegan fashion brands consider using organic cotton and polyester for sustainable material choices. 

See the collection for Vegan Oversize Cuff Beanie and Vegan SnowStar Patch Beanie here!

Where to Buy Vegan Winter Clothes in the UK

Look no further than VEGAN Happy Clothing to shop for your sustainable winter wardrobe! We have a great collection of trendy vegan winter clothing made of sustainable materials. All our clothes are ethically sourced and 100% vegan with FairTrade or PETA Approved.

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