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Laboratory Animals & Skydiving!

Do you want to join us? If you do, please click this link here WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU X


Want to support Lorri & the others in their skydive? Please click here

We are raising funds for our upcoming UNIVERSITY OUTREACH programme in October, to pay for all the material for our campaign across 35+ universities across the UK.

Some people ask why we need to pay for outreach materials for our events but it is important that a consistent message is put forward. To ensure a message gets through to someone, repetition is key, which is why we need to present the same face and message in every uni that tests on animals, and we need help with that.

Did you know that 56% of all animals used in testing is carried out in universities?

Did you know that St. Andrews University sacrifices seals in the name of conservation?

  • Did you know that Oxford University tests on primates in their underground labs?

  • We found our recently that Envigo UK also have beagles!

  • The list is truly horrendous, FIND OUT MORE HERE

Don't you find it horrific that universities are still using decades old testing methods, even hundreds of year old techniques, when science has moved on at such a pace, it really isn't necessary any more.

Not sure if you are aware of all the NAMs available (new alternative methodologies apparently! Why on earth doesn't' this mean non-animal methods? Another way for science to try and baffle us!) but check out some of the amazing ones below. Some of the new technologies are incredible.

There is a BIG LIE that the new NAMs are really expensive which is why people don't use them, but we know for a FACT that they are cheaper, faster, and also produce very reliable results whereas we know that they fail in 96% of tests on animals!

So anything you can do to spread the awareness of the NAMs is incredible. Check them out and prepare to be awed!

This is one of our favourites, check out Syndaver! They even have a Beagle model that is 100% authentic, so why do they need to breed beagles for animal testing?

SYNDAVER - synthetic replacement models

In case you are wondering what Exposing Cruelty is about, it's something that I have set up with some other campaigners from Camp Beagle. It won't affect my VEGAN Happy business but it has sort of taken over my life in many respects.

VEGAN Happy is all about happiness. About spreading positive vegan vibes which is the way we want to evangelise about going vegan. It's the best move anyone could make but there is so much more we can do.

The way we feel about veganism and animal welfare generally is that we should educate. You know already from VEGAN Happy that we want to gently evangelise and we feel the same about Exposing Cruelty. We will EXPOSE + EDUCATE and let the public help make that change by standing up with us against cruelty.

The world is in chaos and we have a short window to help make change happen.

So Hope you don't mind me sharing my new exciting Exposing Cruelty news with you and hope you love what we are trying to do. Please do support us on our socials below and get involved if you would like as we would LOVE to have you.


So thank you hugely for being part of our VEGAN Happy journey. Hope you love what we are doing with Exposing Cruelty and thank you in advance for always being so incredible.

Much love,

Lorri x

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