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Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Yesterday I worked for a true hero and angel. Meet Carole Webb of Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary near Stratford-upon-Avon

Carole set up her sanctuary over 30 years ago, sold her house during that time to keep it going, devoted her life to helping those that don't have a voice stay free from harm. She now has over 600 animals, mainly sheep, pics, goats, chickens, and has four one week old baby lambs currently to add to the heaps of lambs she already had arrive this season!

Carole Webb, Lorri Delahunty, Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary, Easter Open Day 2019
Carole Webb, Founder of Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary, and Lorri from VEGAN Happy

She has some incredible volunteers and support and help also now from Sharon of who will ensure that this lady's legacy continues for generations to come.

Carole is a hero, a very humble one at that. I doff my cap to her. Thank you for being you!

Sharon Bull, Carole Webb, Lorri Delahunty, FARS, Easter Open Day 2019
Carole Webb, Sharon Bull, and Lorri on the FARS Easter Open Day 2019

If you can volunteer any time at all then please contact Sharon at They always need new volunteers and you really will (after training) get up close and personal with the animals and get to know every one of the 600 by sight and name :)

If you can adopt an animal or pledge even £1 a month, please click here

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