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How to Wear a Vegan Puffa Jacket: Styling Tips for Men and Women!

Do you live in the UK? If yes, you probably have an idea of the climate here. It is usually moist and temperate all year, which is not much higher than 32ºC summertime, while not much lower than 0ºC during winter days. So, no wonder you prefer a lightweight jacket for colder summer days or something super warm for your winter trekking plans.

But what if you can have a jacket perfect to put on all year long, no matter how the weather is outside? Need one? Here, we come with our amazing collection of Vegan Puffa Jacket- Urban Snow Bird for both men’s and women's wardrobes. At VEGAN Happy Clothing, you can have a stunning and great collection of hooded Puffa jackets.

But when it comes to styling, it is a little different for men and women, even though our jacket design looks quite similar for both. Let’s have a look at our Puffa jacket designs and features.

Vegan Puffa Jackets for Men and Women

Our men’s and women’s vegan Puffa jacket comes with a hooded design and our embroidered VEGAN Happy logo. Plus, you can have amazing colour options, which means you can layer the jacket with any shade your wardrobe collection has. For instance:

  • Navy/yellow

  • Black/Lime

  • Royal/Navy

  • Grey/Orange

  • Ocean Blue/Lime

blue winter puffa jacket vegan

And since our Puffa jacket is lightweight and breathable, you can wear it all year long, even on colder summer days, anywhere. However, its layered construction design makes this jacket super warm as well, making it perfect to put on in winter, including during trekking.

Of other specialities of this Vegan Puffa jacket, we can mention these:

  • Adjustable hood

  • Elasticated and soft cuff

  • Zipped style inside the chest pocket

In fact, its timeless and trendy design makes it perfectly fit any age. Just you need to know how to style a hooded Puffa jacket with the rest of your wardrobe. Here, you go:

Men Style with Puffa Jacket:

Low-key style:

If you are a person preferring a simple style but a trendy one, you may love this one. All you need is to layer your Puffa jacket with jeans and a tee. And to take your look to the next level, put on a pair of leather sneakers! However, while planning to wear it during a winter trekking, you can use its adjustable hoodie to add some more warmth.

Office style:

Even at the office, you can have a formal style with a Puffa jacket. For this, you can choose a neutral shade, like our grey or navy ones. And pick stretch chinos and any striped shirt from your wardrobe to pair altogether and boots for a perfect match.

Puffa jackets as streetwear

You can wear Puffa jackets even with joggers and sneaks to get a streetwear look! Plus, keep the hoodie on to give your overall look a rocking and chic style.

Women Styling with Puffa Jacket

Maybe you have never thought about wearing a Puffa jacket as a fashion statement, but it is possible. Here are sometimes tips to do so we are sharing with you:

Faux-leather pants:

Do you want to get the ultimate cool look while hanging out with your friends? Well, layering the puffa jackets with your faux-leather pant collection of any shade to get the trendiest look of 2023.

Knits and sneakers:

If you love winter trekking or going on vacations, nothing can be a better partner than our Puffa jacket. It provides super warmth because of its layered design. And to give your look perfection and chicness, pair knits and jeans with your sneakers. But make sure you pick a neutral shade for a monochrome style, like grey, black or navy.

Click and Browse our women’s vegan Puffa jackets right here!

Colder summer look with leggings and sneakers:

During the colder summertime of the UK, it is cosy enough to leave ankles exposed. Hence, pairing our lightweight Puffa jacket with black leggings and white sneakers will give you a perfect stylish look, indeed. Want to try?

Bottom Line

Let us know if you like our ideas to pair vegan Puffa jackets with the rest of the closet!

Our vegan Puffa jacket- Urban Snow Bird, and all other outfits we sell are 100% vegan and ethical. Also, at VEGAN Happy Clothing, we source and manufacture ethically and donate 10% of our profits to rescue animals. So, for cruelty-free fashion, visit our shop now!


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