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Dolly & ZacharySay Thank You Xx

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Thanks to your wonderful orders, we are able to donate to deserving animal causes, and one of those is now a recurring monthly donation to Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary, to help support Dolly & Zachary. Please read their story and fall in love with them and Mino Valley and their work below. 

Thank you from us, by purchasing VEGAN Happy, you are directly helping Dolly & Zachary and many others xx

This is Dolly and Zachary's Story...

To help put a smile on your face we’d like to introduce you to Dolly and her beautiful baby boy Zachary.

Running into our lives just a few days before giving birth, Dolly found sanctuary in the nick of time.

Not even a year old herself, Dolly is already a mum, which means she was made pregnant when she was just 6 months old. Being impregnated when she was still just a baby herself, can be extremely dangerous as her body hasn’t even finished developing, and the chance of complications in a pregnancy like this is greatly increased.

As soon as Dolly arrived here with us we started giving her the best prenatal care available and closely monitoring her health.

Not knowing her delivery date we anxiously prepared for the arrival of the life she was carrying inside her, but little did we know Zachary was planning on making an appearance much soon than anticipated!

Lucky enough to give birth in the sanctuary, Dolly will never had to be subjected to the heartbreaking experience of having Zachary taken away from her, and Zachary will never have to endure the terrifying and confusing ordeal of being torn from his mother’s side and shipped off to the slaughterhouse at just a few months old.

Unlike most sheep, who have their babies stolen from them so their tiny, innocent bodies can be consumed, Dolly and Zachary will be able to spend their entire lives together, and we’re able to share their beautiful journey with you.

The Amazing Work of Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary...

This is Abigail and Bruce from Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary. Aren't they both so beautiful? Click here for more info on Mino Valley and their incredible sanctuary and animals

Of course, there are so many wonderful and deserving causes out there, we can only help so many, but a little goes a long way. Check Mino Valley out if you can, especially the animals gallery... so many characters to fall in love with!

Have a wonderful day our amazing VEGAN Happy friends, stay well.

Much love xxx

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